Transforming data in real-time for patient quality improvement

360Fresh uses patent-pending text and data aggregation to glean actionable information from available data (e.g. EMR, scheduling, discharge, admission, TeleHealth) to identify and risk stratify patient populations. Our state-of-the-art technology and tools analyze and map standard clinical notes and data to quantitatively answer questions such as:
  • Who is at risk for a 30-day readmit?
  • When can I intervene to prevent quality and safety 'misses'?
  • Which patients need attention? Why?
  • Are my patients adhering to their regimens of care?

Pulse360 will give you deep insight to:
  • Patient at risk of negative outcomes
  • Target patients for intervention
  • Time interventions for greatest impact
  • Improve revenue capture per patient
  • Improve quality, safety & operations