How We Do It
We analyze your clinical data from medical records such as - progress notes, admissions records, ER records labs, test results, billing information, imaging information, TeleHealth data - and glean from them the salient clues to a patient's behavior, clinical trajectory, psychosocial attributes, and many other key concepts. We also combine social and environmental data to provide a comprehensive view into the patient's likely risk factors for negative outcomes.

We use robust natural language processing and other semantic techniques to get at the key concepts represented in the data. We then use statistical and computational models to process, represent, and evaluate the clues appropriately. Then we calculate the risk of a particular behavior, trajectory, and we predict the likelihood of that behavior occurring

We take great pride in the scientific basis of our work, and our approach has been published in peer-reviewed informatics and operations research journals. Our work is also funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Nursing Research.

Our products are of enterprise class with appropriate security measures implemented at the level of code, application, data and network. Our applications and systems comply with HIPPA and information security standards.